Mining Safety Equipment – ErectaStep’s Crossover to Access a Mine Pit

Mining Safety Equipment – ErectaStep’s Crossover to Access a Mine Pit

An Arizona mine company needed a crossover solution so they could access the pit and do their jobs more efficiently. The customer was not only looking for a solution that would be safe but something that would be both OSHA and MSHA compliant. After ErectaStep was awarded the business, they conducted an on-site visit to understand what mining safety equipment the company would need.

After completing the site visit, it was apparent that they would need a crossover/ bridge with 27’ of under support to meet their needs. 

Being that Erectastep Crossover Stairs typically went 21’ with under support, they were going to have to come up with a new and custom solution.  

Upon returning from the site visit, ErectaStep’s sales and engineering team came together to come up with an action plan. After they checked the weight restrictions on the under support, it was discovered that ErectaStep could span 27’. We, therefore, could provide an easy, safe solution that was both OSHA and MSHA certified.

The experience that the system resulted in was that the customer could confidently provide a safe solution for their employees that met both OSHA and MSHA requirements.

 They were also able to not only get a bridge/crossover that allowed safe traveling over the crusher but were also able to put their misting system on the ErectaStep product so they could keep the dust down. Making it a win-win situation, leaving both parties happy.

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