Safety First with OSHA-Compliant Stairs

A Nebraska-based manufacturing company requested ErectaStep to come up with a modular, simple-to-set-up, as well as customized option to change an outdoors wood stair that was rapidly falling under irreparable conditions placed in the business’s roofing system. The risky, as well as steeply-designed stairs, is situated on the roof of the building. It also possesses unsafe elevations to one more area of where it was located. The present timber stairs were starting to rot and also wood stairway footsteps were obtaining unsafe, particularly when damp or when snow existed. ErectaStep thought of service to fit their requirements, and also obviously, the staircases are should be OSHA-certified. They settled on a stairway system with steel assistance stands to get to the elevation of 18′. This stairway system was made with lightweight but sturdy aluminum parts to make the procedure of obtaining the item onto the roofing for straightforward installation. In addition to that lowering the weight of the system resting on the roof covering will be a lot safer. The Erectastep group additionally utilized a complex walk pattern to avoid issues with safety. Most especially when it is snowing or drizzling, and their workers can slip while passing through their stairs. Safety and security are primary issues in consideration, so Erectastep made certain the staircase service would certainly provide a trusted as well as risk-free option that would certainly last for years compared to their previous wooden-made system.

When setting up the Erectastep system, the workers could help but notice concerning just how quick the procedure was implemented in distinction to the prolonged time it required to construct the wood system years earlier. The employees felt relieved as seen on their half-smiling faces as they had actually been encountering risks daily due to their crumbling stairs. As soon as the job was fully implemented, the client revealed their pleasure for having a risk-free, OSHA certified stair system installed that will certainly call for a lot less upkeep and also no direct timeline for substitutes because of the quality of work Erectastep had delivered.

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